The Moxie to Be Moxy – New Hot Branding

Check out Moxy’s provocative new brand programming, as reported in Hotel Business Magazine, Monday, January 16. For a closer look at the sexy brand, the curious can visit the brand’s hosted YouTube videos on the Moxy website. Bray Whaler is excited about its first Moxy project in a yet-to-be disclosed location. Here are a few excerpts from the article by CJ Arlotta:


“Moxy Hotels bring out the local flavor and energy of the cities they are in through the bold programming that speaks to the creativity of each location,” said Vicki Poulos, senior global brand director of Moxy at Marriott International. “A good time at Moxy NOLA will be different to a good time at Moxy New York. No two events will ever be the same at a Moxy, just like no two hotels will ever look exactly alike.”

“Our Fun Hunters have a deep desire to play spontaneously and live life unscheduled even on travel,” Poulos said. “Each activity is curated by the hotel’s local crew, who embody the playful spirit of the brand. The Moxy Crew Members always think outside the box; they are experts in their local neighborhood, enjoy chatting it up with guests, live in the now and know what’s next, have high energy and a fearless do-it-yourself attitude.”

For instance, take Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof, described as a “budget hotel with the soul of a boutique hotel.” Situated in a city known for its alternative art community and underground scene, the property, in proximity to nightclubs and venues in the Mitte and Friedrichshain districts, back in October hosted an event to highlight the city’s music, dance, art and sexual expression. Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof showcased live, interactive art installations, encouraging its guests to write their darkest secrets on latex clad hosts. YouTube stars Taryn Southern, Oli White and Jack Maynard, and actresses Natalia Avelon and Grace Capristo attended the event. Performance drag queens and performance artists also joined in on the fun. Berlin’s tattoo artist Suzan Rinow inked attendees in need of something a bit more permanent.

blank-canvasLocal artists have the opportunity to be featured in Moxy Hotels through the brand’s #BlankCanvas global initiative, which calls on international emerging artists to submit works for the chance to be highlighted. The British artist Paul Robinson, aka Luap, promoted the brand’s campaign at the opening event in Berlin by displaying a light box installation, featuring two large-scale photographs from his “The Pink Bear” series, which are suspended from the ceiling in the hotel’s living room.

“Today’s millennial-minded consumer is less desirous of a cookie-cutter experience, and in fact wants to play in/with the new city, the food, the local scene, whether he/she is there for a day or a week,” Poulos said. “The cheeky programming, available at every Moxy hotel, encourages the curious to do all the fun stuff they would never think of doing back home, in a stylish and communal setting.”

We look forward to the innovative experience that will be curated at the Moxy we are currently procuring.