Summer Wellness Has Never Been Easier


Summer Wellness plan at Bray Whaler keeps it green with healthy fruits and veggies designed to energize.At Bray Whaler, we take health and wellness seriously and have embarked on a summer nutrition plan led by Emily Whaler.  Emily delivers smoothies to 18 Bray Whalerites each morning made of fresh, local fruit, vegetables and herbs.  The convenience of having a nutrition-packed meal ready to go each morning can’t be beat.

Emily became interested in nutrition after breaking her leg while training to qualify for the U.S. Ski Team. “From that point forward, I wanted to make sure I was doing everything in my power for a speedy recovery.  I was surprised by how my energy level and training endurance improved when I started eating primarily raw fruits and vegetables.  This transcended into a passion to help others become the healthiest version of themselves.  It can be tough to maintain one’s health with a desk job and daily deadlines to meet.  Everyone seems to like the convenience of this summer program.”

The Purple Heart Smoothie is breakfast in a glass for Bray Whaler's teamPurple Heart Smoothie

Handful of blueberries

 Handful of blackberries

 1 frozen banana

Coconut or hemp seed milk

Add kiwi, peach, mint and extra blueberries to top

Blend all ingredients except for toppings in a food processor or blender until smooth

Top with extra fruit toppings and a sprig of mint

Stay tuned for more ideas and recipesEmily Whaler, team nutritionist and smoothie guru for Bray Whaler

Emily Whaler, Team Nutritionist and Smoothie Guru