Hyatt Regency Chicago

Design Renovation Captures A Storied Past.

Waterway view of the Hyatt Regency Chicago hotel.

Situated just steps from the Riverwalk, Hyatt Regency Chicago is the largest hotel in the city, with over 2,000 rooms. The city’s rich history played a significant role in the inspiration for its recently completed renovation.

Elisa Whaler, President of Bray Whaler, explains:
“It takes a cast of many to pull off a project of this size. In our purchasing role, we take a thoughtful approach when implementing the owner and designer’s vision. Bray Whaler incorporated an interesting historical timeline piece in each of the 2,000+ rooms of this Hyatt. The headboard graphic represents 360 years of events in Chicago’s history, displayed in 20-year divisions. The Ealain Studio created these timelines using super-scaled matching photographic artwork of the historical buildings associated with the hotel’s neighbor, the Chicago Architectural Center, and Soho Myriad.”

As one of the country’s oldest and largest hospitality FF&E and OS&E purchasing firms, Bray Whaler’s portfolio includes all hospitality segments, from luxury destination resorts to highly-designed boutique hotels, sizeable urban convention centers, and more.

“Implementing these unique design stories,” says Elisa, “vest us to the project and make the process fun and meaningful for the entire team.”

The headboard design represents 360 years of Chicago's storied architectural timeline.

The headboard design represents 360 years of Chicago’s storied architectural timeline.

For this Hyatt Regency Chicago renovation project, Bray Whaler was proud to play a role alongside Electric Mirror and Ealain Studio by purchasing all the furniture, carpet, wallcovering, decorative lighting, mirrors, drapery art, and accessories for each room.

Fun Fact: To power the vanity mirrors in the West tower alone, over 10,000 feet of LEDs were used.





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