Bray Whaler Celebrates a Year of Success Under New Ownership

[Centennial, Colorado, December 1, 2023] — Bray Whaler, a leading provider of hospitality services, is thrilled to mark the first anniversary of its successful ownership transition. The past year has been marked by significant growth, expanded services, and an unwavering commitment to providing the best-in-class solutions for hoteliers.

Under the continued leadership of President Elisa Whaler, Bray Whaler continues to flourish since the ownership transfer to family member, Kim Raeder. The decision to bring about these changes was rooted in a strategic vision to further enhance the quality of services offered to clients, acquire top-tier talent, and usher in the next generation of leaders.

Elisa Whaler expressed her satisfaction with the results of the ownership change. “The past year has been transformative for Bray Whaler. We set out to build upon the legacy Ronnie Bray and I created over the years and have come away with a stronger and even more resilient organization. Our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients remains unwavering.

Bray Whaler’s successful first year under new ownership included:

**A Strengthened Leadership Team. ** In line with the vision for a more robust organization, Bray Whaler has augmented its leadership team with seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the company. The expanded team is dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in the delivery of service Bray Whaler is known for.

**Increased Resources. ** With more resources, Bray Whaler University was launched, alongside a Talent Acquisition Program, which brought both seasoned and newcomers to the industry, elevated the capability of the staff, and increased our effectiveness for our clients.

**Maintained Company Culture. ** In keeping with the legacy of a family-woman owned business, Kim Raeder, alongside her leadership team, continues the devotion of the Company’s values of Accountability, Integrity, Care and Trust. “I couldn’t be more proud and more committed to take on this Ownership role,” says Raeder. “Service, product quality, and savings with full transparency remain at the core of our business, and the results continue to speak for themselves.”

**Growth Trajectory. ** This year has seen substantial growth for Bray Whaler in terms of market presence, the ability to mobilize quickly, and ultimately, client satisfaction. The company’s commitment to excellence has translated into an increased clientele and supporting industry partnerships.

As Bray Whaler looks back on a year of accomplishments, the emphasis remains on continuous improvement and surpassing client expectations. President Elisa Whaler extends her gratitude to the entire team, acknowledging their hard work and dedication. She states, “Our success is a collective achievement, and I am thankful for the commitment of our team members, who played a crucial role in making Bray Whaler stronger than ever.”

In contemplation of her years of friendship with her esteemed colleague Ronnie Bray, now in retirement and dedicated to aiding Ukrainian refugees, Elisa expresses a gratitude for all their achievements. The commitment to making a positive impact remains a cornerstone of Bray Whaler’s ethos.

With a solid foundation and a forward-looking approach, Bray Whaler is poised for continued success in the years to come, providing unparalleled services to hotel owners and solidifying its position as an industry leader.

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Kim Raeder, Owner

Elisa Whaler, President Jennifer Fisk, COO Rex Briant, CFO








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